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Atland Chemicals cc t/a Atlin Chemicals is part of a group of Companies consisting of Atlin Chemicals, with its five branches and four distributors situated in different parts of the country, Fibreglass Resin Company, Ultima Paints and Resin Complete. Ultima Paints was established due to customer’s needs for specific coatings, putties and solvents. Fibreglass Resin Company was established as a workers trust for previously disadvantaged employees and make up the BEE arm of Atlin Chemicals. Resin Complete houses the research, testing, development and manufacturing of Atlin and does all the specialized and customized mixing and blending for the group.

Atlin Chemicals – Johannesburg Branch
Tel: (011) 397 6740
Atlin Chemicals – Cape Town Branch
Tel: (021) 982 1092
Atlin Chemicals – Natal Branch
Tel: (031) 705 2519
Atlin Chemicals – Port Elizabeth Branch
Tel: (041) 453 0030
Atlin Chemicals – East London Branch
Tel: (043) 745 0211

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Atlin’s Hand Sanitizer is formulated to World Health Organisation’s recommendations and uses the highest quality raw materials. It is available in a variety of sizes ranging from Flowbin through to a convenient 500ml squeeze bottle.   We also offer a convenient wall mounted and a freestanding dispensing pump.

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