Services We Offer

Design Centre

To assist customers with design and development of a product we have an inhouse design centre. Our prototyping and mould making capacity were greatly improved with our investment in our own CNC machine.  With this technology, we can bring our customers ideas and dreams to reality with cost effective solutions.

Additional services:

  • Computer Aided Design (CAD).
  • Machining.
  • Plug Building.
  • Mould Manufacturing.

We have technical people at our branches to assist customers.  If customers find it difficult to visit our nearest branch, we have technical people on the road daily to visit customers or potential customers seeking assistance.

Technical Services

Atlin Chemicals technical personal will assist customers as well as potential customers with the following services:

•   Fault finding and troubleshooting.
•   Product design and construction.
•   Proto typing.
•   Pattern and mould making.
•   Fem analysis.
•   Destructive and non-destructive testing.

Mould Making and Prototyping

Atlin Chemicals are the proud distributors of the zero shrink Nord Composites (France) mould making system. To compliment that we supply a tough, high HDT gelcoat with a good elongation at break, which makes a high gloss long life mould.

High density foam for mould or pattern making forms part of our wide stock range. Plugbuild 500 or 1000 is usually applied directly by brush or spray onto the plug, sanded and finished off with our high gloss mould coating.


We offer training sessions on areas such as pool lining and silicon mould making usually over weekends and daily telephonically.

In House Delivery

We deliver orders in a timely manner (See T’s & C’s on invoices).

Colour Matching

We have qualified colourmatchers who are able to colour match all our products to your desired colour within 48hours

Startup Formulations

Atlin is able to assist with any startup formulations such as polymer concrete formulations. We supply top quality products to ensure your success from the start.