Our CSM’s (Chopped Strand Mat) range from 150g, 225g, 300g, and 450g to 600gram per square meter. Customers are supplied with high quality glass that complies with the Lloyds of London standards. 


Atlin has develop its own resin technology and in 2015, Atlin acquired the Arkema IP that extended our resin range. We offer a full range of Orthophthalic, Isophthalic, DCPD or Vinyl Ester resins. 

Tooling gelcoats, production gelcoats, high abrasion gelcoats, sanding gelcoats, high impact gelcoats, brush or spray, clear or pigmented to any colour. 24hr custom colour matching service is available.

Our technical team will advise and help customers to select just the right release system for every individual application determined by the finish they require, production rate and process.

Atlin is also proud to be associated with Phoenix Industries who manufacture a range of chopper guns, gelcoat guns and RTM infusion machines. 

Our wide range of accessories ranging from buckets, brushes, rollers, fillers, pigments, solvents cleaning soaps, and cloths complete our comprehensive stock list


Alkyd resins are oil-based polyester resin used in the manufacturing of decorative, industrial and automotive paints. Contact us for more info.